Graduate Psychic Readings

Book a spiritual counseling/psychic reading with our trained BPI Graduates.

We offer two main types of readings, available at all BPI locations. To make an appointment, click the "Book Now" button for your nearest location below. Long distance readings & healings are also available.



I. Aura Reading

Subtypes: General Aura, Male, Female, Relationship, Goals, Family
Length: 1.5 hours (chakras abilities, past lives, aura, questions, healing)
Contribution: $60
Schedule: Available at all locations. Click here to jump to schedule.

What is an aura reading? The aura reading is a spiritual counseling and is truly one of the great spiritual experiences on the planet.  Who are you, the spirit?  What are you working towards and where have you come from?  What questions do you have about your life?  We read 3 past lives, your chakra abilities, 7 layers of your aura, your questions, and offer you a healing. Through this process we look at and validate who you are as a spirit. 


II. Missionary House Healing

Subtypes: Home, hospital, or office
Length: 1.5 hours
Contribution: Varies per BPI location
Schedule: Available at all locations. Click here to jump to schedule.

What is a Missionary House Healing? In our Missionary House Healing, BPI Graduate psychics come to your home and read the energies affecting this space, helping you clear out foreign energies while fulfilling a healing request of your choice.

Graduate Reading Schedules:



Monday 8:00pm
Tuesday 8:00pm
Wednesday 10:30am
Saturday 11:00am 

Santa Rosa


Tuesday 7:30pm (missionary only)
Wednesday 7:30pm 



Tuesday 7:30pm
Thursday 10:00am



Get a Phone or Email Reading/Healing!

Want to get a reading or healing from the comfort of your home? Click here to view our reading and healing offerings via phone or email. 

You may also book an appointment with our Clairvoyant Students through your local BPI mission ($30) or online ($30, +$10 for initial tech setup).